Orphanage Partnerships

It is Doxa’s desire to partner more deeply with both Hogar de los Niños and Unidos por Siempre orphanages. Currently, our partnerships revolve around the hosting of house building groups and the provision of education scholarships. These represent jumping-off points that can lead to other endeavors.

Hogar de los Niños

Founded by Tony Ralphs in the mid-1970s, Hogar de los Niños started in an old repurposed school bus. Now it occupies a large, 6-story building overlooking Pedregal de Santa Julia. This facility has several classrooms, apartments, and 2 floors dedicated to providing housing for the children with an entire floor dedicated to each gender. The sixth floor even has its own chapel. Hogar de los Niños offers the children food, housing, educational resources, and anything else they may need.

Click here for their official website.

Unidos por Siempre

Founded by María Esther Figueroa Torres in 2002 as simply a soup kitchen, Unidos por Siempre now serves over thirty children, who come from situations of social emergency and supports them through housing, meals and educational resources based on the children’s needs. The orphanage itself is small and cozy, with bright yellow walls and laundry often hang drying across the center courtyard. There are two dormitories for boys and girls, a kitchen and dining room area as well as common spaces to play. As housing needs have shifted in Tijuana, more and more groups have begun working out of Unidos por Siempre.