Financial Stewardship

Financial transparency is an important aspect to what we do and we constantly find innovative ways of doing more with the resources that we are given.

Doxa strives to be an excellent steward of resources and deliver maximum impact on the ground in Tijuana. We do this by:

  • Employing local Tijuana staff to the fullest extent possible. Currently, Doxa has 1 American employee to help facilitate cross-border communication, logistics, and fundraising (which is the Executive Director). Otherwise, everyone else is employed in Mexico to carry out Doxa’s operations on the ground. This serves as a direct commitment to employing people in the same neighborhoods in which Doxa works. Furthermore, this organizational structure helps to build in sustainability and longevity. Doxa’s staff are active community participants, regularly involved in the local church, orphanages, and other activities.
  • Partnering with local organizations, instead of creating our own wheel. For example, Doxa partners with two orphanages in Tijuana. Both of these serve as sites to host various house building and volunteer groups each year. 100% of the hospitality fees collected from groups are passed onto each orphanage to help sustain their operations year-around.
  • Minimizing overhead costs. When it comes to house building, Doxa’s model is a bit different than other similar organizations. We equip and empower each group to take on their own experience. This results in a user-driven, more customized, and highly cost-effective model. Doxa is able to help facilitate the building of many houses with relatively little staff or overhead costs.

If you’d like a copy of Doxa’s most recent tax form 990, please reach out on our contact page and we’ll happily provide it.