Staff Spotlight: Angeles Perez

As Doxa’s education program has grown so has its staff. Meet Maria de los Angeles Dominguez Perez… or Angeles for short. In addition to just graduating college (!!!), she is the education administrator and tutor for all the East TJ kids. She is based out of Unidos por Siempre orphanage, where a school classroom was built a few years ago. Her words and interview below have been translated from Spanish to English. 

My name is Angeles and a large portion of my life has been spent at Unidos por Siempre. Since I was little, my family was in a lower economic class and we came searching for some help. Unidos por Siempre took us in and we quickly became part of the family. During this time we underwent some large changes. It brings great satisfaction to see Unidos por Siempre grow from its humble beginnings as a soup kitchen. In the moment I started working with Doxa, things got better at Unidos por Siempre. Most notably, the organization of family and student information has improved. In addition, the education of the boys and girls is better now that they have more resources and tools to succeed in school. I am delighted to help with these projects. 

What has been your experience with Unidos por Siempre? 
It has been very good, from the moment I got to Unidos por Siempre I have received a lot of love and unconditional support, and it is easy to call everyone family. It is nice to meet people and especially children who come here with serious problems and see their emotional and academic progression. Without a doubt, it is a wonderful place that regardless of any situation of condition, one can receive it all. 

What do you like about your job? 
I like being able to contribute something and see the progress of the orphanage as well as its children. To be useful and fill this niche at this time. 

Why do you think school is important for these children? 
I consider education to be the best benefit that can be given to someone. It is one of the many tools that in the future of any child’s life can tangibly make him or her successful. Learning interesting and important things is also crucial for their development and creating future opportunities.

In what ways are you leading by example? 
I consider myself a creative, responsible, and hard-working person. The fact that they see me work, supporting them, and knowing things that they do not know because of their age makes me a good example. I can help illuminate a part of what their future may look like. 

What are your strengths? 
Creativity, communication, empathy, and organization. 

What are you currently working on to improve? 
The way I express myself, the way I relate to people, and patience. 

How has Doxa helped you? 
I am so grateful because not everyone has the opportunities that Doxa has offered me, to be more responsible through growth and be able to love what I do. 

What did you study in school? Why did you finish college instead of just middle or high school? 
I studied a degree in business administration. Continuing to study beyond a basic level, I consider necessary for a better future and better opportunities in terms of work. To be able to feel proud of myself and what I do. I don’t consider myself a conformist and now that I’ve finished college there are even more things that I would like to do and learn. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 
In my free time I like to read, cook, and also paint. 

Angeles, Angelica (little sister), Panchita (mother), Luis (big brother)