Vision & Outreach

Doxa has been engaging in community development for many years, without really realizing it. In an organic and somewhat haphazard way, house building has led to entire communities being transformed and orphanages being supported in a more sustainable manner. The education program, mainly through after-school tutoring, has contributed a constant and visible touch point with families throughout many neighborhoods.

Various areas around Tijuana have been significantly built up by Doxa’s house building operations. In some of these neighborhoods, other one-off projects have occurred as a response to specific community needs. These include the building of two churches, an orphanage, a soup kitchen, a medical clinic, and a day-care center. Countless repair, maintenance, and expansion projects have also been undertaken.

Doxa’s after-school program has been a significant gateway to more general community development work. This includes summer camp, parenting classes, dance club, cooking classes, and other community events. We have established a pipeline and place for gathering people together. Other local organizations, such as World Vision, have also used this conduit to deliver their programming. Future activities and partnerships could yield youth groups, soup kitchens, ministry, micro-lending, and/or apprenticeship programs. Doxa’s overall evolution into the community development space puts it in a prime position to partner with other specialized organizations to deliver impactful programming and resources for Tijuana families.