Activities & Clubs

Doxa bustles year around with various offerings for children and adults. After 30 years of raising walls up by building houses, it’s time to tear them down (figuratively, of course!) and provide a place for people to come together. These activities and clubs have included: parenting workshops, English classes, dance group, and various community events throughout the year (Mother’s Day celebration, Christmas party, Fall carnival, etc.)

Parenting Workshops

In our areas of Tijuana it’s common for couples to become parents before they are ready to lead a family. Recognizing this gap, Doxa organizes a variety of workshops every year for parents. Themes include effective family communication, self-esteem, how to talk with your children about drugs, how to plan a healthy family meal, or appropriate use of social media and teenagers. Doxa works with counselors, psychologists, other non-profits, and local government resources to bring in subject-matter experts on each topic. Very thankfully, families in our community have responded favorably to these workshops.

Grupo Yelitza (Dance Group)

Doxa’s dance group is called Yelitza, which means “door to the sky” in the native Mexican language Nahuatl. Juan Sabino started Yelitza in 2016, along with the motto “dance rescues youth.” Its mission is to reach more youth in order to wake up their love of dance and create a link with all audiences.

Sabino shares that “folklore dance is considered a Mexican tradition and is central to culture. We should pass this onto our youth and children. Unfortunately, in the border region, this type of activity is not widely considered important, but Yelitza creates an atmosphere where youth can fall in love with these cultural traditions. Additionally, activities like this keep youth busy and away from poor influences and other temptations that might otherwise fill their time.”

Yelitza gladly performs at a wide variety of gatherings such as festivals, dance shows, religious assemblies, rallies, and municipal events.

Fall Carnival

Every November, Doxa organizes a community carnival. It’s a day filled with activities, food, and family. One previous theme was Day of the Dead, where we learned the significance and history behind this Mexican tradition. Another previous theme was STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), where we had various stations with related activities. The day always ends with a large community meal and raffle.

Christmas Party

Doxa’s Christmas gatherings have taken many forms over the years. From a full-blown afternoon of food, piñatas, DJ music, and presents to a quieter morning reunion of families with prayer and a small parting gift. Each year may look a little different, but gathering in community during this sacred time of year remains the same.