Education Scholarship Report

Last year was turbulent. The adjustment to online learning was tough; not just because of the change in scenery, but also because of a technology gap experienced by almost all of Doxa’s students. Likewise, it was a time of adjustment for Doxa, as we learned how best to support students in this new environment. For many, it looked like providing laptops, tablets, and Internet access. Doxa also worked to quickly and safely open back up its after-school program to serve as resource classrooms. These efforts made it possible for students to complete their work and continue their studies.

Over the past few weeks, students all across Tijuana have headed back to school. There are various public school systems and private schools, so not everyone has the same start date. The vast majority of students continue with online learning, with some universities and high schools going back in-person on a hybrid schedule.

Over the summer, there were rumors of a return to in-person classes for everyone come this September. Those were, however, just rumors as school administrations keep pushing back the date to return to the classrooms. The most recent communication stated November, but that even seems too good to be true.

Doxa’s education program remains strong with 117 students this academic year. They range in age from kindergarten to university and live all across Tijuana. They come from Hogar de los Niños, Unidos por Siempre, and the neighborhoods that Doxa has typically built houses. Most of these students are on a full scholarship; which includes school uniform, supplies, backpack, shoes, books, transportation, tutoring, and access to a resource classroom every school day. There are also many students who are not formally on scholarship by Doxa, but attend a Doxa resource classroom when needed. They could just need a dedicated place to study, Internet access, or a tutor for homework help.

Doxa’s education program has been operating for 15 years. And as the program has gotten older so have our students. Doxa now has 14 students in college, wow! They are studying towards a wide range of degrees that include hotel management, international relations, administration, and psychology. It’s amazing to see these students grow up into awesome men and women!

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