Education Opportunities

Doxa serves through education by meeting students where they are and equipping them with resources to succeed in the classroom. For some students, this looks like a scholarship tailored to their exact needs. For others, it looks like occasional help from a tutor in our after-school program. Recognizing that children come from all types of families, backgrounds, and life circumstances means that Doxa staff intimately know how to help each student thrive. 

Becoming a scholarship donor is the easiest way to support Doxa education. This provides the material resources and the relational accountability that kids need to succeed in the school. Upon enrollment and approval, each student is equipped with the resources they need (such as school uniform, tuition fees, transportation, Internet access, etc.) and the relational accountability by way of an after-school tutor. This mix of resources and relationships help students to reframe education and facilitate their own hard work. Learn more about scholarships here. 

Another way to serve with Doxa education is by donating school supplies. With hundreds of kids in school, we are always in need of school supplies. Contact us to coordinate your donation.  

Finally, we also have a need for a limited number of volunteer tutors to work alongside our staff tutors. If you speak Spanish and love to help children with their homework, then let’s talk!