Community Opportunities

With a focus on enabling and empowering local actors to implement and evaluate community programming, there is admittedly less room for outside volunteers. Still, there are opportunities to partner with Doxa during its annual summer camp, for special events, or support financially.

Summer camp occurs every year during the month of July. It is a time when over 100 kids from the surrounding community come together. If you have some Spanish proficiency and a heart for child development, then serving during summer camp may be a good fit. More details available here.

Special events occur throughout the year, too. They range from dance shows to mother’s day celebrations to medical clinics to science fairs. If you have a special skill, there’s a possibility to partner on a related event.

Finally, as cliché as it may sound, supporting Doxa community work financially is probably the best way to have a sustainable impact. In contrast to house building, community work is much more relational and takes a longer time horizon to develop. The people best suited for this work are the ones who live in the target neighborhoods around Tijuana. Doxa’s staff and volunteer parents are uniquely positioned to carry out this work. Supporting their presence 365 days a year means stability and accountability where there previously existed very little. Here is what this would look like.

As we look into the future, Doxa is in the process of building a community center in the neighborhood of Pedregal de Santa Julia. This will be a more permanent home-base for community and education work for years to come. See more about the Pedregal Community Center.