Doxa has worked to craft a scholarship program that is relevant to current educational needs, effective in student success, and holistic by looking at a student as more than just a number on their report card. Doxa continuously looks for ways to improve its education program through dialogue with local school teachers, scholarship families, and staff.

Thankfully, Doxa scholarships have seen a high degree of success. Children have entered into the program significantly behind in school (some by entire grade levels) and with their hard work are able to catch-up to where they need to be.

Since 2007, Doxa has grown its education program from 10 students to 140 students located all across Tijuana.

Doxa scholarships work through two main avenues:

  • Relationally equip kids to succeed. This entails surrounding kids with competent tutors and coaching their parents to be a positive voice when it comes to education. In Mexico, school is only half-day so there can be a lack of discipline and mentorship around homework time.
  • Materially equip kids to succeed. This entails the required school tuition fees, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, transportation, access to computers and Internet, medical/dental checkups, and glasses (you’d be surprised by how many kids don’t know they need them). Having the basic necessities affords kids greater opportunity to succeed.

With kids relationally and materially equipped to succeed, they can dedicate more of their effort to their studies and be effectively supported when times get tough.

New children are accepted into the scholarship program after applying and an interview. Demonstrated financial need and a family commitment to educational success are a must. As Doxa enters into relationship with each child and family, it is a commitment to doing everything within our power to set them up for success. Learn more about providing a scholarship.