After-School Program

Doxa’s after-school program is a constant touch-point with students and their families each week to track how they are doing in school and solve any issues before they grow unmanageable. This is an integral part of student success because most schools in Mexico are only half-day. Without any structured or dedicated space and time to accomplish homework, many students use up their afternoons playing in the street or getting into other less productive activities.

Local school teachers have even been known to recommend that their students who need a little extra help attend Doxa’s after-school program. This allows for more individualized and specialized teaching, that the public schools can not always offer.

When kids arrive at Doxa’s community center for after-school program, they get right to work. Kids are divided up by grade level with specialized tutors to attend to them in groups. They have access to computers, supplies, and dedicated space to complete their studies.

Once homework is completed, then they can play outside. Doxa’s after-school program also doubles as a safe, respectful, and honoring space to play games.

As Doxa continues to develop its Pedregal Community Center, we are planning for a soccer field, play structure, indoor games (i.e. foosball, pool, air hockey), and other extracurricular activities. Development of the entire child is a priority.

Learn more about sponsoring a child to attend after-school program.