Family Stories

Romero Fernandez Family

About 8 years ago, the father of this family went to the US illegally to find work. Meanwhile, the mother stayed in Tijuana with their three children. She went to various places to look for work in exchange for receiving some food for her kids. At the time, her kids were very timid and insecure. Everyone in this family desired a better life, but wasn’t quite sure how.

Over the next couple years the father returned from the US and started driving a taxi. The mother found out about Doxa and she eventually applied for spots in the after-school program for her children. She thought that confidence in school and success scholastically were most important for them. On a home visit, Rosa (Doxa’s Director of Operations) saw a very small one-room structure. Everyone sleeping, cooking, and living in one space. Therefore, Rosa talked to the family about Doxa’s house building program and how to apply. After a successful application, a group came to build alongside the Romero Fernandez family. Everyone together finishing the house in 4 days. Upon completion, one wouldn’t believe the children’s faces struck with happiness and excitement. For the first time they had a place to call their own, a room where they could put their things and hang out. The parents were overjoyed at the reality of now having one space to cook and other spaces to sleep. Both parents now realize how far they’ve come from their separated and insecure lives 8 years ago.

Lopez Morales Family

This family is made up of the parents and 7 kids. Both parents work selling food to local factory workers and their income does not allow for much. This made it very difficult to buy a piece of land and build a house on it. They had sufficient income for one, but not the other. After buying land, the family came to Doxa and applied for a house. Doxa’s simple two-room house gave them the foothold necessary to start, using both rooms for sleeping and setting up a rudimentary kitchen outside. Additionally, since the family could now live on their property, they no longer had to pay rent for a place to live. After an overcrowded year in the two-room Doxa house, the family had saved enough to build a couple additional rooms. A few years after that, 3 of the kids were married and now on their own. Two of the kids had finished high school and are now working. The last two are in high school and also participate in Doxa’s education program. All of the kids have achieved a higher education level than their parents. Doxa’s house was the catalyst that allowed the Lopez Morales family to invest more in themselves and more fully support their kids in school.

Flores Oliva Family

A while ago we came to Unidos por Siempre looking for help, as we had heard around the neighborhood that they can help with a new house in exchange for some volunteer hours. Thankfully, in August 2019 our house was completed! For our family this was great, especially because before we had many problems with our old house when it rained and everything got wet. It was also very hard to leave our house, as nothing was secure without a door lock. Now, everything is different for us and it has been a large change. Our children are safer, don’t get cold, and are more comfortable.

After finishing my volunteer hours at Unidos por Siempre, I started working there and that has been a blessing for my family. Our quality of life has improved, now that I can help my husband with expenses. It’s been very satisfying now that our kids are happier and we can provide for them as we always wanted to. In general, we are very happy and thankful that we can be here. Everything started to get better since we got to Unidos por Siempre and received a house.

Please note: the names in these stories have been changed to preserve the families’ privacy. Thank you for understanding.