Safety and Security

Group safety is always a top priority for DOXA. After providing a safe experience for the past 25 years and for over 20,000 volunteers, we have learned Tijuana very well. DOXA’s lengthy experience shows that it is possible to safely facilitate volunteer groups in Tijuana.

Tijuana is like any major city in the United States, there are nicer areas and not-so-nice areas. Usually, when Tijuana is in the news, there are stories of drug-related violence. DOXA continues to monitor, evaluate, and respond to current conditions. We always do this with our group’s safety in mind. Additionally, former FBI agents and the San Diego Police Department have both confirmed that humanitarians and mission groups have not been targeted.

With that said, there are inherent risks associated with entering into a foreign country where a different language is spoken, an unfamiliar culture exists, and socioeconomic conditions are not what we’re used to. DOXA continually strives to make trips more secure and safe wherever possible. Over the past several years DOXA and the orphanage have made the following upgrades to further facilitate safe trips.

  • New and expanded exterior walls have been completed around the entire compound.
  • New and more secure exterior gates have been installed.
  • A secure parking structure is now used for all vehicles.
  • An on-site security guard lives at the orphanage, 24/7.

Through DOXA’s lengthy experience in Tijuana, we have learned the best ways to provide a great trip for all groups. While risks are inherent with any volunteer trip, the following risk reduction strategies help to minimize risk and maximize safety. We require groups to follow these prudent guidelines.

  • All arrivals and departures for groups must be during daylight hours.
  • All groups are to be in the orphanage compound, all vehicles parked inside, and gates locked by dusk.
  • Walking around the neighborhood is limited to large groups and daylight hours.
  • Everyone will sleep inside a building.
  • Trips to commercial or unknown areas, such as downtown, are to be avoided. Exceptions can be made for necessary food shopping during daylight hours.
  • Valuables, electronics, jewelry, and non-essential personal items should not be brought on any trip.

Waivers are required for each participant volunteering with DOXA. Waivers may be collected and mailed together by the group leader prior to the project start date. Please email all waivers to or mail to:

7511 Greenwood Ave N #408
Seattle, WA 98103