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New Groups

It is mandatory that 1-2 members of the leadership team of each new group participate in the build of an experienced group prior to building/leading of their own group. There is a great deal of information regarding the facilities, trip management, and relationships with the Mexican community that is best conveyed on site and learned through experience. We will assist you in finding a project to work on and connect you with that group’s leadership so that arrangements can be made for your participation.

Group Size

Groups are limited to 100 people so as to minimize our impact on Casa Hogar de los Niños. On occasion, a smaller group may be asked to share the facilities with another small group. Both groups will have space for sleeping and meeting, while sharing toilets, space for parking, and use of the kitchen. DOXA will work with both groups to ensure the best use of space for everyone involved. We would ask for your special cooperation in making these weeks work; they are so often an unexpected blessing!

Selecting a Date

Returning groups will have priority for the same week each calendar year. Groups will be asked to confirm their dates and request a rough number of houses during a fall registration period. Weeks that have not been confirmed will be opened up to inquiring groups in December prior to the build year.

If you do not intend to return, if your group has grown in size significantly, or you wish to change weeks, please contact us as soon as possible. We will work to have everyone scheduled promptly. DOXA makes every effort to accommodate all groups, but cannot guarantee dates.

Prior to Registering

Please understand that DOXA considers the safety of each individual and group that serves through DOXA paramount. DOXA has developed several safety measures to decrease the likelihood of an unsafe event occurring to the group or any individual that serves through DOXA. These safety measures are more fully described on the safety page. Please make sure to read thoroughly before you register.

Adding a Home to Your Trip

If you want to add a house, we recommend you do this at least 10 weeks prior to your trip, so that we can be sure to have the materials on hand for your project.

For more information about registration please email DOXA at