Online Registration

Safety & Security

The safety of each participant is of the utmost concern to us. We urge each group leader to take appropriate precautions in keeping their group personnel and belongings secure. While serving in TJ (Tijuana), we are asking groups to amend their policies and to make it clear to all participants that some things that have seemed safe for many years cannot be continued.

  • All arrivals and departures to the orphanage for groups are to be during daylight hours.
  • All groups to be in the orphanage compound, with vans & trucks parked inside, gates locked, by dusk.
  • Walking around the orphanage neighborhood is limited to large groups and daylight hours. Everyone will sleep inside a building or, if arranged, outside on the top new orphanage patio.
  • Trips to commercial or strange areas (i.e. for tacos or to downtown) are to be avoided, other than food shopping trips during daylight hours.

Waivers are required of each participant building with DOXA. Waivers may be collected and mailed together by the group leader prior to the project start date.

Invoicing & Statements

Upon receiving the group registration, DOXA will email the group leader and administrator a copy of the pre-trip invoice and an updated statement. An updated statement will be sent at the end of each month. One month prior to trip, statements will be sent weekly.

Invoices will be sent with a due date of one week prior to your project start date. Your prompt payment lets us pay our suppliers on time.

Change Orders

Occasionally, group size or personnel will change after you have ordered your houses, and you will need to change your numbers. Please notify our DOXA Administrator ( ) as soon as possible if this is the case.

If you are canceling house materials 10 weeks or less before your trip’s start date, you will be charged for those materials and reimbursed when DOXA can sell them to another group. Site fees are non-refundable. If you are canceling house materials 4 weeks or less before your trip’s start date, you will be responsible for the cost of those materials. Along with the financial ramifications, please be aware that last minute cancellation of a house has a huge impact on the family that was hoping to receive it. Please, for their sake, keep us informed as to your building plans.

Group Timeline


3 months

  • Registration form and deposit are sent to DOXA
  • Upon receiving the registration form, DOXA administrator will send pre-trip invoice and statement

2 months

  • DOXA leader assigned, if applicable
  • Finalize house building numbers
  • Updated statement sent at the end of the month to group leader and administrator
    • Will include a separate document listing matching funds approved by DOXA

1 month

  • Finalize number of participants
  • Provide DOXA with a finalized list of all participants
  • Receive a Waiver Form from each participant
  • Receive an Emergency and Medical Form from each participant
  • Receive medical forms for International coverage, if applicable
  • Weekly statements sent
    • Will include a separate document listing matching funds approved by DOXA
  • Pre-trip invoice due one week prior to trip start date


Within 1 month

  • Post-trip invoice sent to group leader and administrator
  • Updated Statement sent with post-trip invoice
    • May include: vehicle rental costs, orphanage use, additional leader costs, etc.
    • Will include a separate document listing matching funds approved by DOXA
  • DOXA leader follow up
  • Remind group participants to like DOXA on Facebook and to sign up for DOXA’s newsletter

Within 3 months

  • Trip paid in full
  • Updated Statements sent monthly until paid in full
  • Receive all matching funds

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