Fees for house building

Building Costs Paid to DOXA: (Per House)

  • $4,886 – Building materials, material shipment & storage, curtains, etc.
    • This includes materials to build one house per specifications in DOXA’s house building manual
    • This fee includes $100 for sand delivered to site for the concrete slab and is no longer paid in Mexico
    • 3 curtains for each of the windows in a house

Items Not Included in the Building Costs Paid to DOXA:

  • Rebar and cement are not included and are purchased by groups down in Mexico at local material stores (see group packet for more information)
  • Food
  • Airfare
  • Rental vehicles fees, gas, and insurance
  • Tools bought for your group’s toolkit

Optional Building & Group Costs: (Optional Fees Per House – must be arranged with DOXA at time of registration)

  • $40 – Forms installed for your foundation
  • $460 – Pre-poured cement slab per site (Fee includes cement, rebar, sand and labor)
  • Talk to DOXA about extra insurance options available


Invoices will be sent with a due date of one week prior to your project start date. Interest will accrue every 30 days past due date. Your prompt payment allows us to pay our vendors on time. Please contact with any questions.

Fees to Casa Hogar de Los Niños

Accommodation Fees (paid through DOXA to Hogar de los Niños):

  • $9 per person, per night to stay at the old orphanage
    • Includes lodging, private kitchen, secure parking, gas, trash, and potable water
    • Baños must be ordered as there are no bathrooms in the old orphanage
  • $65 per baño (1 cleaning included)
  • $10 per person, per night to stay at the new orphanage
    • Includes lodging, private kitchen, secure parking, gas, trash, and potable water
    • A limited number of beds and bathrooms are also available in the new orphanage
  • Please contact DOXA for information about special items such as parties, orphanage dinners, or additional accommodations.

Expected Costs in Mexico

Additional costs to factor in:

  • Approximately $200 for cement and rebar. These items are purchased from the local store of your choice
  • Food and meals in transit
  • Airfare
  • Vehicle rental & Mexican insurance for vehicles
  • Fuel for vehicles
  • Travel Insurance

DONATE to DOXA or Casa Hogar de los Niños

Many groups take an offering among their team for the Orphanage or for DOXA as a part of their fund raising work for the trip. The Orphanage requests you not leave their donations at the orphanage. To donate to the Orphanage, mail a check to DOXA – 7511 Greenwood Ave N #408, Seattle, WA 98103 or donate online. Designate Orphanage General Fund in the memo line to ensure that the funds are directed to the Orphanage. For DOXA donations please write DOXA in the memo line.