Scholarships Programs

Even though the public schools in the greater Tijuana area are free, students in poverty are unable to attend without medical exams, a uniform, books and supplies.

Youth that are enrolled in the DOXA scholarship program receive a complete school uniform. This includes 2 white shirts, a skirt (girls) or trousers (boys), a school sweater, athletic pants, stockings (girls), 5 pairs of socks, black shoes and white tennis shoes, a backpack and all necessary books and school supplies. Furthermore, whenever additional clothes or school supplies are needed, more is supplied. This program also covers school medical insurance, public health insurance for the entire family, covers extra expenses that the school requests during the year, other needs such as reading glasses and bus fair to and from school (as there are no designated school buses, just public buses).

We have discovered by fully meeting the student’s needs to attend school, by treating their overall health and well being, students are able to succeed in the classroom.

Each student receiving a full scholarship also gets daily after school tutoring at our classroom on the orphanage campus.

Scholarships are chosen by need and family commitment to succeed. In order for a student to be eligible for a scholarship they need to demonstrate a financial need and make a commitment that they will attend the tutor program. We think the support of the tutor program enhances their educational experience. We have several local educators helping to select and work daily in the tutor classroom to support the students.