Serving the Community

DOXA’s house building and education efforts in Tijuana over the years has made inroads into the community that allows us to partner with and support local efforts to improve life in Tijuana neighborhoods.

  • Three of our houses were modified and built as a single building that is home to a church in the Cumbres neighborhood. They are waiting for additional houses that will serve as classrooms for this community gathering spot.
  • One family, The Tzec’s, an early recipient of a DOXA house, reaches out to their neighbors by providing breakfast for local children on their way to school. They hope to be able to provide lunches as well as backpacks for these children. This family is also the makers of the curtains we use in our houses.
  • Our facilities in the neighborhood of Pedragal not only host our thriving tutoring program, but they allow us to host classes offered on parenting and other “life skills “ by the local World Vision team and DIF – the local government’s social and health services agency.
  • DOXA was asked to help supply a classroom for deaf students in the greater Tijuana area with school desks. With a generous donation from a San Diego based non-profit “1 Love 4 All,” friends of DOXA were able to transport the desks to the school in Tijuana.