Inside the Walls

Some of you will remember it as Casa Blanca – a place for throwing out your sleeping bag. Or perhaps you think of it as Casa Blanca the Tool Shed? In more recent years, the cinder block building has been transformed to Casa Azul hosting DOXA’s tutoring program, complete with flooring, lighting, tables, chairs, and students.

The parking area for vans at night, sometimes lumber storage area by day, closed off by a rolling gate, morphed into the playground. Home of basketball,
four-square, jump-roping, all things artistic, camping during July, and large group meetings – under tents borrowed from World Vision, the cement area in front of Casa Azul is well used year round.

Imagine preschool moms gathering in the morning, followed by tutoring and play by age groups into the early evening. Then see a gathering of other organizations working in the neighborhood, meeting for coffee and aligning services and support for the larger community; or a Children’s Day Party hosted by local mothers. Marvel at the college students coming to teach physical education, or lead small groups on self-esteem and friendship. Enjoy the parents coming out to roast hot dogs or serve breakfast, or sit in lawn chairs and talk while the children are mesmerized by Oradea’s storytelling.

If you can’t quite grasp all this, then it is time to return to Tijuana and get connected with the community there.