Serving Opportunities

Homebuilding Opportunities

DOXA has been providing housing for families in need in Tijuana since the early 90’s and has built over 1,500 homes. Even with this number of homes built there is still a significant need for new homes. If you are interested in building a house we would love to talk more with you about how to make that happen. Here are ways that you can support house building

  • Organize a house building trip
  • Sponsor a house building trip by donating money
  • Contact to schedule a trip

Education Opportunities

DOXA’s education program continues to grow through the generous donations of donors. If you would like to support our education here are some areas where you can help.

  • Sponsor a child on an annual basis
  • Donate money to help build a computer lab
  • Ask DOXA about special donation programs
  • Arrange a trip to work with DOXA’s summer camp (limited opportunities)