DOXA creates opportunities for people to serve the community of Tijuana through house building, educational services for children, and community development.

DOXA News / May 2014

We are excited to introduce DOXA News. This will be a short publication about every 3 months that updates you on what DOXA is up to and how each of our programs are doing. Checkout our first edition (CLICK HERE to view).

Outside Looking In

This week the roof came off of the old clinic signifying the start of some changes around the DOXA facilities. This is the first phase in DOXA’s great plan for renovating and updating the current buildings including the Clinic, the Old Kitchen, Material Storage, and Casa Azul. We hope to see some positive strides towards our facility goals in 2014!

New Stained Glass Windows

In the fall of 2013 DOXA was approached to see if we could help the local Catholic Church replace its windows with stained glass as the current windows were in poor condition. DOXA was not the only donor, but we were able to donate $1500 to help this project become a reality. The work is not complete, but they have finished a majority of the windows and are working on the final entrance window.

4 Minute gopro house building video

A great house building video recorded by a recent men’s group